Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How Samson Defeated? A Call For All Christians

The story about Samson and Delilah is very well known. Almost everyone especially the Bible readers are familiar with the story. We knew Samson’s power over lions and enemies. But we wonder why he was simply defeated with just a woman. A great man, anointed by God and undefeated by any other harmful situations lost his life by just a decision. Maybe, this story is just a story for other people, specifically the Christians but for me, Samson’s experience is a wake-up call to everyone who sometimes forgetting the truly will of God.

We all knew the origin of Samson (Judges 16). We also aware how his love over Delilah was started and especially we knew that Samson was killed after he decided to stay with an enemy. Everything about Samson is clear that his parents and God do not agree with the situation.

In our modern world, Samson is still existed in the person of many believers, who also been defeated by their own feelings. It is not literally happened the same with Samson but losing their faith and leaving the presence of God, while trying to satisfy their own heart desire is also a way that they are following Samson wrong decision. And sometimes in my life, I was also among the victim. If only I can bring back the time. I should be wise; anyhow that was a long life experience.

In the Bible, one should not walk with unbeliever, should not set among them how much more if we indeed live with them?, because bad company corrupts good characters(1 Corinthians 15:33). Like Samson, disobeying God’s word means suffering and even means of dying, can be physical or spiritual because you can compromise your faith with your feelings, through pre-marital sex and other immoralities in the face of Christian life.

But why Samson really in-love with Delilah? Delilah was a pretty woman, adorned with jewelries, lipstick and any other accessories that made her look desirable over Samson. This is also the trick with our spiritual enemies. Sometimes, he create relationship gap within the family so that siblings can crave love and comfort that in reality outside Christian community offered with open arms. But remember it was only good in the beginning. After you will be trapped by that person whom “perse” comforting you, he will leave you broken and helpless, in the same way that Samson’s power was gone when he was enjoyed Delilah’s caress and confess his power. We knew it.

There are many Christian men who also falling in-love with sexy women, but unbeliever to God. Better if they can bring the girls into God’s feet, but what if they will be the one to be carried outside? Can they gamble their faith? And be killed like Samson? However, we knew that Samson repented and he able to bring back his power through his grief prayer, asking God to restore his strength. At least, Samson able to revenge his enemies after all, to what the evil men have done against him. We already knew how.

In our lives, we do not want like Samson also. And this is what anyone should be aware about. We should always remember that a heart is deceitful. You will be tricked by your own feelings and fail God. And these can only be possible when we just focus our eyes to Jesus. Of course, temptation can’t be avoided, but with God’s help through our intend prayer, God will shield us from the wiles of our enemies.

Keep praying and without ceasing, so that we can surpass all the temptations, and most importantly we will not be defeated like Samson. Let’s be discerning enough about how Samson defeated in just a blink of an eye.


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